When do i get rewards from the tokens I’ve delegated?


Does anyone have a clue? I would appreciate the help.


I think the tokens are readily available to see on the rewards page but they are only allocated every three months.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Ranja for jumping in, you are correct. Few more details:

The rewards are calculated and awarded for each election period and the total rewards awarded to each Delegator are presented on the on the rewards page.

Delegators are awarded for election periods that they participated in based on their stake in each election. If a Delegator participates only in some of the elections or his stake changes over time, his rewards are calculated accordingly.

The rewards are distributed every 3 months / 30 elections.

For example, assume you have started with 100K ORBS and you’ve delegated to an active Guardian for 15 elections and then transferred all your tokens.
After every election out of the first 15, you’ll see your reward increases in the rewards page. After you transferred the token, you won’t receive rewards for the next 15 elections. Then after the 30 election, the rewards that you’ve gathered will be distributed to you.

For more information you can look at: