Topics for my next blog post, anything specific you want to hear about?


Hi everybody,

Hopefully you know me from the Orbs blog, I write there a lot.

Now, that the project is live, I’m taking time to explain many of the aspects of the architecture, the ideas behind the project and our point of view.

Do you have any specific requests for me to write about? Areas of the project that are unclear and you think are worth discussing?

Some of the topic I’m planning to write about are:

  1. Interoperability with Ethereum and how Orbs uses Ethereum for certain parts of the architecture

  2. Forkability and why it’s a good thing

  3. Dimensions of competition and how blockchain helps businesses gain the edge

  4. Tutorial about writing a simple app on Orbs

Will appreciate any feedback


What about Topics about current Enterprises that have been improving their business using ORBS network?


That’s a good idea, we can cover use-cases that are in active development. The issue with some enterprises is that business development is a process that takes time and many enterprises wouldn’t want to share their experiments until they’ve finished learning from them. If we want to discuss work in progress projects, we may have to remove the company name from it and discuss it in the general.


That would be great, To have progress update with partners, and what’s being built. Watching transactions on Prism, doesn’t reveal much. Does Orbs plan to use tags next to wallet address to easily identify entities or DApps that are running the smartcontract e.g.

To spark developers and useful resource tool. Walk-through/tutorials would be amazing, small app samples which shows scalability and performance achievable


Thanks for reply!
Could you be so kind to explain your position in next point.
In agree with this way of thinking - Blockchain is going to be mainstream.

Fortune 500 companies have simply unlimited resources for own development and integration of Blockchain technology. In this case, what steps and what vision of ORBS team will be expected in 2019-2020 to bring leadering and ultimate solution for Fortune 500?


A post on how Orbs will go from its current state to thousands of validators int he future. What will the Orbs Universe look like then?


1.A lets create a webapp using Orbs and the Orbs development tools.
2.Discussion on how would you build an app using Orbs- what goes on the chain what isn’t and how should they live together.

I know my topics are not - Blockchain-like -> I am looking at Orbs (or any other blockchain) as a tool for solving a problem, what are the problems I am trying to solve and why should I use this instead of the traditional architectures.

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I also agree actual enterprise use cases of the ORBS will give some insights and implications to the community.