Questions about ORBS

Hi all, I have a number of questions about ORBS and would be grateful if someone was able to provide some answers!

  • what language is the blockchain platform built in?

  • what consensus mechanism is used?

  • how many transactions per second can the platform undertake?

  • what latency in milliseconds is there?

  • what is the block time?

  • how many apps have been built on the technology?

  • how much does it cost to use / licence the platform?

Many thanks!

For future reference, I think it’s better to split threads like this one to multiple different ones, each for one question so we can start a comment thread on every separate question and so people could find the question easily in the title

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Let’s separate the answers to different threads, here is one answer:

Here’s the answer about the consensus algorithm:

Here’s another answer about fees and license:


Another about the block time, latency, tx/sec:

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