Orbs Universe: The First Six Weeks

Hi all,
In May we have analyzed the Orbs PoS ecosystem to better understand it’s growth over the first 6 weeks since launch. This post is the result of this analysis:

It was quite an interesting project and I hope you find it beneficial too.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hi Andre,

This is an interesting analysis. Below are my questions/concerns:

  1. When you talk about third parties that are contributing to the product, who are these third parties exactly?
  2. Is it possible to mark the tokens delegated from exchanges by the names?


  1. The parties that contribute to Orbs include Guardians and Validators, for example:
    StratX - created a node monitoring tool (https://github.com/orbs-network/orbs-node-monitor)
    Paradigm Citadel - created tools and website templates for Guardians
    D.VA Group - created a Telegram bot for delegation
    Tenta and Wings.ai - created Orbs node deployment procedures for non-AWS deployments

  2. Do you mean by the name of the exchange the tokens were retrieved from? Sure, it’s possible. We used known exchange addresses retrieved from bloxy.info and etherscan.io, so anyone can conduct a similar analysis distinguishing between the various addresses.