Orbs' Roadmap Vision is here! Check it out


Thanks for posting the Roadmap Guys.

Here are my questions/concerns

  • Why mention the PoS tools? Isnt this supposed to be created by the guardians?

  • I like the presentation of the roadmap but the % completion do not incidicate how long a certain item will take to complete. Unless I am missing something. If you are going to update the % in real time, how often will you update that page?

  • Why are there only 5 use cases? Why not add the ones from hackathon to that list?

Hi Vipassana,

Thanks for reviewing the roadmap and the great feedback.

Regarding PoS tools, I totally agree that Guardians and Validators have both the insights and need for PoS tools and should contribute to their development. I anticipate that Guardians will indeed develop such tools, I know that some have already developed some tools for their own use. We do want to encourage the Guardians and Validators to contribute the tools code to the project’s open source codebase so we can all enjoy them, and I hope that the community will appreciate the efforts of the ones who do.

In think that the roadmap gives a nice view of the activities that we think should progress the project forward and their progress estimation. As you wrote we do plan to update the progress indicators based on the development progress. I think that it makes sense to update them as the work progresses and along with the monthly update as we discuss the activities and contributions of the past month. I think that the work on the different activities is likely to be affected by the usage and feedback from users and developers. For example, following the hackathon we had, I think that development and debug tools and some extensions to the SDK such as passing arrays as method arguments or few cryptographic primitives should be prioritized to improve the development experience.

Regarding the use-cases, we are working to develop a set of use case templates, some of them in collaboration with relevant business in order to build templates that business can adopt and deploy. The hackathon provided great POCs that gave us insight for the use cases. I think that over time, developers will come up with more use cases and contribute them as templates that can be used by other businesses as a reference.


Thanks for your reply Oded :blush:

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