Orbs rewards distribution process

At the beginning of July 2019, the first rewards distribution will occur. This post describes the various rewards, how they are calculated and the distribution process -

If there are any questions about the rewards calculation and distribution process, feel free to ask on this thread

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Здравствуйте.Буду ли я получать вознаграждение просто имея Orbs?

English question translation -
“Hello, will I receive a rewards just by having Orbs?”

In order to be eligible for rewards, it is not sufficient just to have Orbs - you need to delegate your stake to an active Guardian. There are several ways to delegate, including:

  1. Delegation through contract (the preferred method) - this can be done through the UI (https://orbs-network.github.io/voting/delegator ) or by using the “delegate” method of the voting contract (https://www.orbs.com/delegating-using-mycrypto/ )
  2. Delegation by transfer - by transferring 0.07 ORBS to a Guardian

Follow this thread for more information, including how to check whether your successfully delegated - I’m not sure if my tokens have been delegated, please help

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