Orbs fees and rewards

Questions from the community channel -

i have inquiry about reward system.

Q1. I found payment of total 25000 orbs for open-rights(1000 orbs to each validators)

but as i know orbs ecosystem is now supporting 1 million orbs per year to validators. How long will it be maintained? i want to calculate maintanence fee of this orbs ecosystem(maybe it depends on number of tx, use cases)

Q2. for example B0(tps~20), The dapp should pay 1600 orbs to validators. Do they pay them to all validators? or to just 22 active validators? if so, each validator will receive 1600 orbs per month. this is just… 10 $/month.

they cannot maintain server. what is the problem of this logic? price of orbs? or number of use cases?

Q3. what is the logic of 1 mil. orbs to each validators per year?

Does it reflect current price of orbs and Fee of AWS and human resource?

The existing rewards model was specifically determined for Year 0, i.e. it is scheduled to end at the end of March 2020. The Orbs core team is working on a new rewards model to be proposed in Q1 2020.
The application fees are distributed to elected validators.
The Orbs pricelist is presented in https://www.orbs.com/pricing/
The 1M ORBS is a way to incentivize Validator participation in a period while the network usage is still low. We hope that as the usage of Orbs grows and it is adapted by multiple applications, the proportion of application fees in Validator compensation will grow and the proportion of direct rewards will be diminished.