Orbs Community - Welcome and Guidelines


Orbs Community - Welcome and Guidelines

We hope this forum will become an open environment for discussion and collaboration about Orbs. For this, we have to nurture a productive community of all participants in the Orbs Universe - delegators, developers, guardians, and validators.

Good topics for discussion

  • I want to play around with an Orbs node. I’ve just installed Gamma, and have a few suggestions on how we can make it even a better tool.

  • I’m trying to develop a simple app on Orbs. I’m unable to deploy my contract. Can anyone help?

  • Hey! I just became a Guardian and want to get others on board and announce myself to potential delegators. Where should I begin?

  • How do I go about becoming a Validator?

  • I’m trying to delegate my ORBS tokens to a Guardian. I’m not sure that it worked, how can I check?

  • I wrote a blog post comparing the Orbs PoS model to this of Tezos. Let me know what you guys think!

Bad topics for discussion

  1. Please avoid discussing token price, token trade, listing in exchanges and so forth.

  2. Do not use the group for sharing investment or trading advice or your personal financial transactions.

Moderated by the community

Orbs is a decentralized and open source project. As such, any constructive member of the community can become a moderator.

If you want to help moderate this community, please start by participating. Ask questions, answer questions, help others. If you’re a developer, contribute to the codebase. When you feel you’ve established that you have the community’s best interest in mind, ask one of the existing moderators to add you as a moderator.

See the full welcome post on Orbs blog here.

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