Ideas for R&D Hackathon

Orbs R&D team is going to conduct hackathon event.
For quite a while we have our hands itching to build some cool stuff utilizing Orbs platform.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for what should be built? Post them here.

UPDATE: The results are in!


Here is a list of different categories that should be focused on for the Hackathon event. It will be a great idea to have a hackathon event in collaboration with local officials as to showcase solutions that can be built to help the local community/government, with their problems, or have a representative as part of the voting.

• Identity
• Authenticity (counterfeits & ownership)
• Documentation (records)
• P2P Lending
• Lottery/Casino
• Voting/Election
• Crypto-collectibles (creating, sending and trading, perhaps an exchange?)
• Reputation
• Messaging (I know there is a demo available already)
• Remittance ( +support for multiple payment transactions instead of one wallet at a time)
• Gaming (as currently, RPG games built on Ethereum have to wait for confirmation to occur-not playable)
• Healthcare

a really cool idea would be to clone cryptokitties (openly available code) and show how it can easily scaled utilizing Orbs, have this running for a week, use it for good marketing :slight_smile:


I also agree to bring few aspect of Knight have mention such as:

  • Privacy & Security:
    Privacy is a key aspect worldwide such as GDPR from Europe.
    Blockchain is not security free environment however it can secure the usage combining DLT
    & anonymous aspect.
  • Gaming:
    Maybe because 80% of revenue generated within Android + IOS market is from Gaming industry.
    The market itself growing rapidly over the year. Database it create the usage from pretty much everywhere
    Social-gaming(gambling) industry also suitable.
  • Medicine authenticity(many medicines look alike and can be confusing, leading to unfortunate accident)

  • used car records(accident, no accident, fix-history, km-record etc)_used car owner history etc.

  • contracts(business investment execution according to plan(approval from investor when agreed requirements met)

  • fake website / fake advertisement with click-baits

  • digital identity autheticity

  • government / association approval broker, business etc

  • antique authenticy

  • education record authenticity

  • passport authentic identity

  • emergency call(911) identification

  • door lock for house and car

  • time scheduled inheritance solution(future contracts)

  • (applicable to construction, building industry) put building portion in a project on smart contract thus only when requirements(the promised products) are met the expense is billed. When the product comes out the agreed standard can be checked thus preventing ill-built product or practice(to benefit one party).
  • reward / punish / preventive contract for active/meaningful contributor, scammer/misbehavior, some sort of motivated influencer each in a community(reward/punishing system that can be sustainable for the benefit of the ecosystem. It should not be one that can be conspired, controlled, influenced by an some-motivated party)
  • (business model) organic translation that combines with big data. Thus improving translation accuracy(combining AI+human)
  • stock security registry (+over the stock security registry). it will prevent fake security or scam.

(note:will edit and add more if idea arises)


The CryptoKitties idea is really good for hackathon!! This would create some news too

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How about manufacturing? Like tracking products being made all through every single stage of the manufacturing process to bring transparency to customers.

Hackathon is complete, post coming soon :slight_smile:


Hey all,
Huuuuuge thanks for everyone who commented with ideas. There were at least 4 times more ideas than teams. I wish we could tackle more.
Here’s a short summary of those 2 days and results.