I sent ORBS to ORBS smart contract address by mistake


Hi, orbs team.

If someone sent orbs token to orbs contact address(0xff56cc6b1e6ded347aa0b7676c85ab0b3d08b0fa) as a destination of transaction,
can you send it back to sender?
I can see there are some transactions.
What is the process for this?

Hopely, you have a good solution :slight_smile:

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@Nate can probably help you. He is admin of the TG group :slight_smile:


Hi Edward,
In order to recover the funds, the sender should send a recovery request to hello@orbs.com with a request to recover the funds, the erroneous transaction hash, sender address and ORBS token amount.
The request will then be processed by our team and, after the processing is complete, the funds will be sent back to the same address that sent them to the contract.
It is important that the sender be responsive to emails, should our team require any clarification.

Note - funds will be only sent back to the same address that sent them and never to a different address. A request to send the funds to a different address will not be processed.

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