How do I go about being a validator?


The process mentioned on the Orbs website seems a bit convoluted. Is there a simple process?

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Good feedback for the dev team.

Keep in mind that being a Validator is a super technical position, since this is a very high throughput network, you need to deal with server maintenance and verify uptime. The Orbs cluster is made from more than one machine per Validator. Professional Validators usually have an in-house team of more than one person to take care of devops and production issues.

If you’re not a small IT firm, I would recommend looking into being a Guardian.

In many networks such as EOS, the Validator role and the Guardian roles are combined. In Orbs, they’re separated.

Guardians are the true community leaders of Orbs. They measure how good Validators are and help govern the network. Being a Guardian is also a much simpler technical process.

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Thanks for your reply Tal. That helps in making a decision. :+1:


I did my best to cover the differences between the roles here:

Let me know if it’s clear enough