Guardians selection. Criteria’s of the choice


Guys, what are the criteria’s of good Guardians? How the new member should choose the Guardian from the list?


Awesome question, I think it’s a chance for a Guardian to shine here. Why should we choose you?


Hi, Merlin.

I suggest some for you.

  1. Have he missed any election?
  2. How much does he stake in his wallet address?
  3. Does his website look good enough(include mobile version)?
  4. What info does he deliver through website?
  5. Is he contributing Orbs universe? (ie. dapps, pos information, communication, etc)

Please take a min to look into , and try having consideration to delegate to me.

Welcome to ORBS Universe :slight_smile:


Thanks for the question Merlin. It’s very important that coin holders understand why they delegate and to whom in order to make sure that the delegation process benefits the platform.

Guardians are the ones that will decide how the network evolves. Whenever a decision is to be made, guardians will vote whether they approve of it or not and a decision will be made.

One type of decision that is already under the responsibility of the guardians is the following. Every 3 days guardians vote to kick-out misbehaving or malfunctioning validators (the actual nodes that operate the network, produce and confirm blocks, etc.). This role is critical as validators can significantly harm the network.

A good guardian is one that monitors the validators (through the public api they offer) and presents his findings on a website (through relevant charts and statistics or a block explorer) and votes out validators only for practical considerations (e.g., unresponsive validators that fail to propose/confirm blocks). One interesting issue is validator identity. Certain guardians might declare that they will vote out validators that do not provide sufficient identification. If enough coin holders believe that validators should be identified, these guardians will get more stake delegated to them, and will have more power to kick out anonymous validators.

The guardian you choose is your representative in the Orbs platform (he will vote on your behalf). You should understand how he votes and be able to contact him. Maybe you should understand who is the entity behind the guardian (a company or an individual, from which country, how are they connected to the Orbs platform, etc.), and what was their motivation to become a guardian. Remember you can always change your mind if you feel the guardian stops representing you.


If I want to choose a new Guardian, do I just send another 0.07 Orbs to the new Guardians address?


Yes, if you previously only delegated with the Transfer method (sending 0.07 ORBS)
If you used the contract to delegate, such as through the UI, you’ll need to delegate to a different Guardian through the contract.
See more details in this thread - I’m not sure if my tokens have been delegated, please help


Regarding replacing a Guardian with the 0.07 ORBS method, this is covered in the participation instructions (the last section):


Regarding the original question, how to choose your Guardian… besides how often they vote (did they miss elections), I think two criteria are the most interesting:

  1. Community efforts on their behalf

    Are they educating their Delegator community members about the project? Are they writing tools for the ecosystem? Are they analyzing the project and participating in discussions on where to take it next? Are they commenting on Github issues and reviewing the code? Are they participating in discussions about the roadmap or governance? Holding meetups?

  2. How do they monitor Validators?

    I think for the leading Guardians, this should be explained in their website. One method of monitor can be technical, they can go over the Validator nodes and measure their uptime for example. I hope open source tools for doing this will pop up (Validator nodes expose /metrics API endpoints with this data). Another method of monitor is doing background checks on Validators that supplied real-world company info.

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