Github orbs-ethereum-contract address and etherscan address question.


Hello ORBS.

I ask few questions regarding github orbs-ethereum-contract and etherscan bytecode to admin and they ask me to raise questions here for more detail answer from developer.

  1. Github Orbs-ethereum-contract for the validator contract address:
  • The repository code shows validatorcontract address:
    EthereumValidatorsContract: {
    address: ‘0x240fAa45557c61B6959162660E324Bb90984F00f’
  • I also found: 0x804c8336846d8206c95CEe24752D514210B5a240 the code is same.
    Are these two validator contract address or the 2nd address no longer executed as validator address?
  • The historical code shows the 2nd address does exist it just doesn’t stated in orbs-ethereum-contract for the validator contract address? What does this mean?
  1. Question related to etherscan about ORBS:
  • Etherscan > orbs contract address under read contract there is an owner address: 0xcae24d45363dcb03f19f44c5b6ed48e431fafe63 (who is this?) the creator or the owner of ORBS?
  • Also once you located to owner address above under code it shows " We also found another 8 contracts with exact match byte code"
    The 8 address are as follow:
    0xc200f98f3c088b868d80d8eb0aeb9d7ee18d604b (1,999,999,910.1111 ORBS)
    0x384f5cf955b39b76c47a440f14c31ad39fd39d00 (5,400,000,000 ORBS)

The two above address are from my understanding hold by orbs.
one which 20% for partner + team members: 0xc200f98f3c088b868d80d8eb0aeb9d7ee18d604b
And 54% for community reserve: 0x384f5cf955b39b76c47a440f14c31ad39fd39d00
are rest 6 remaining address hold by ORBS?
IF yes what is the purpose? IF no how come it has the exact same match of byte code?

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Let’s separate the response into two -

Part 1 - Validator contracts

There are 3 Validator contracts:

  • OrbsValidatorRegistry - 0x56A6895FD37f358c17cbb3F14A864ea5Fe871F0a
  • OrbsValidators (Topology) - 0x804c8336846d8206c95CEe24752D514210B5a240
  • OrbsElectionCandidatesValidators - 0x240fAa45557c61B6959162660E324Bb90984F00f

Validators self-register at the first contract. Both the second and the third contracts are used in the initial state of the network, the topology contract is used to enable nodes to connect and sync before being elected, while the OrbsElectionCandidatesValidators contract is used to indicate Validators that are connected and can be elected.

We intend to write a post to elaborate on this.

Part 2 - Orbs wallets

The addresses mentioned above are multisigs that are used for various purposes by Orbs. As you noted, several of the wallets indicated are used for holding the four pools of the Orbs tokens. We describe these wallets in the “Orbs token distribution” whitepaper available here -

The remaining wallets are multisig wallets that are controlled by Orbs and are set up for operational uses of the Orbs tokens once they are released from any applicable lock-up period, such as distributing tokens to private sale participants, advisors or strategic partners.

The address 0xcae24d45363dcb03f19f44c5b6ed48e431fafe63 is the owner of the ORBS token contract. The owner can reclaimTokens that have mistakenly been sent to the ORBS contract (the contract code is published and you can review the “reclaimTokens” functionality). This is used to address the issue described in this thread - I sent ORBS to ORBS smart contract address by mistake


Thank you for clarification.

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