Check out git issue


Trying to run node on my linux box. Facing issue with below. Is it okay to ignore?

go get

/root/go/src/ undefined: env.GetVirtualChainId

/root/go/src/ s.virtualMachine.CallSystemContract undefined (type services.VirtualMachine has no field or method CallSystemContract)
/root/go/src/ undefined: services.CallSystemContractInput

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@fabe479, thanks for pointing that out. We will investigate and update this thread.

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Hey @fabe479, welcome to the board :slight_smile:


@bolshchikov I have a same problem. any updates?

We are running into the same issue, still investigating the reason.
Meanwhile, you can do git clone instead. Just make sure to clone to the correct path: e.g. <GO PATH>/src/ according to go convention.

When the clone is complete, you can run ./

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